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What do I offer?

I offer psychotherapy as a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (RMFT).

Psychotherapy comes in many different shapes and sizes, and the landscape is changing. The people of Ontario have asked for more regulation of the practice of psychotherapy. The Government of Ontario has passed the Psychotherapy Act and will likely proclaim it sometime in 2014.

When the Psychotherapy Act is proclaimed, psychotherapy will become a controlled act. This means that only certain regulated health professionals will be allowed to perform psychotherapy. Regulated health professionals belong to a College that regulates the work of its members, in order to protect the public.

Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada call themselves "Registered" but they are not really "registered" yet. In Ontario a regulated health professional is "registered" when they belong to a College. Marriage and Family Therapists consider themselves voluntarily registered: an RMFT (Registered Marriage and Family Therapist) has met stringent requirements that would normally allow them to be Licensed (the American equivalent of Registered) in the United States.

In Ontario, College registration of Marriage and Family Therapists will likely occur in 2014 through the developing College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Then we will really be "registered", and will have to refer to ourselves as Registered Psychotherapists as well as Registered Marriage and Family Therapists.

Meanwhile many insurance companies will still cover the services of an RMFT. Ask your provider and be clear that you wish to see a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist.

In the event that you can't get insurance coverage for an RMFT and they refer you to another type of psychotherapist, consider that the service and cost will be different. Another type of psychotherapist may charge more, or may not be trained or qualified to work with families or couples. An individual psychopathology model, such as is used by many other therapists, is quite a different experience from what you will get with an RMFT.

I provide relationally-based psychotherapy, an approach that focuses more on people's relationships than on what's going on inside of them.

I provide solution-oriented therapy, focusing on what's right with you rather than what's wrong.

I will listen to you talk about what's wrong. I will help you explore what's going on inside of you. But the direction we will take as we talk, hopefully, will be out (your relationships) and up (what's working, and how to do more of it).

This is also called client-directed, outcome-oriented, solution-focused, relationship-based therapy:

  • I keep the session focused on your problem
  • I play to your strengths
  • I look at how your relationships may be contributing to or helping the problem
  • We stop when you're better (or at least unstuck), or when it appears that I am not helping, or when you think we should stop

The average length of stay of my clients is 3 to 6 sessions. That does not mean that your problem will necessarily be resolved in that time, but you should find a brief period of therapy to be helpful.

Many people believe that therapy takes a long time to produce results. Some therapists even think this.

However evidence accumulated from the results of psychotherapies practiced over the past 50 years shows that therapy is brief and effective.

Among all the types of psychotherapy practiced, the average number of sessions is 6-8. My clients usually stay for 3-6 sessions.

All therapy is, on average, brief and effective.

You can read more about this in this book.

I also offer supervision to therapists who wish to become clinical fellows of AAMFT, and to any therapist who wishes to hone their skills with couples and families.

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