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Carlton Brown, M.Div., RP, RMFT

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Clinical Fellow
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"We need to improve our communication..."

You were head over heals in love at one time, but now you feel more like roommates. You wrinkle your nose when your partner comes into the room, like there's a bad smell. You're on your guard because you know you'll have to defend yourself again.

"My partner had an affair..."

You thought everything was fine in the relationship, and then you intercepted that text message. Everything is not fine. You secretly go through your partner's email, feeling guilty when you start but more alarmed and angry as you read what's there.

"What child is this?

You thought potty training was difficult. He's 15 now and he has stayed out all night again. You've already taken away his game systems and grounded him for three years. And if you cancel his phone, how will you know where he is?

"We've decided to separate..."

You want nothing more than to be on different continents - but you have to talk, about the house, about the finances, and about the children.

My name is Carl. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. I help people to live better lives. I provide a safe and confidential place for individuals, couples and families to talk about their problems. I listen well. I have had over 20 years of experience in helping people with personal problems. I really enjoy helping people to tap into their unused strengths.

I work with individuals, couples and families. I help individuals with depression, anxiety, and other difficulties. I help couples with relationship problems who want to stay together and who want to be happier together. I help couples who are separated or divorced and who have to work together still as coparents. I help families with adolescent problems, and with children with ADHD or other disorders. I also teach marriage and family therapy, and provide clinical supervision to therapists.

Psychotherapy is now a regulated profession in Ontario. Marriage and family therapists supported this process. As a Registered Psychotherapist I am accountable to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. As a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American and Ontario Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy, I bring expertise in healing relationships. I also teach marriage and family therapy, and supervise the practices of other relationship-oriented therapists.

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What is the Fee?

I get asked this a lot so here is the answer: $100/session + HST

If you have an Employee Assistance Plan, you may be able to see me for free.

If you have extended health benefits, you may be able to have your fee subsidized by your insurance company.

The College is Open!

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario is now open, and I am a registered member. See the blog.

Clinical Supervision Available

Carl is an Approved Supervisor of the Ontario and American Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy. If you are a therapist seeking Clinical Fellowship in AAMFT, or simply want to hone your skills as a couple or family therapist, book a "Consultation for Therapists" on the Appointments page!

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